Forklift Operator Training in Philadelphia and New Jersey


OSHA is clear about forklift operator training requirements: It is a violation of Federal law for
anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who
is not properly trained andArbor Training certified to do so.

Arbor is located very close to both the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas in Willow Grove, PA. It is only a short drive to provide onsite operator training for your forklift operator team. The training follows a well-designed syllabus produced by Raymond, then an individualized onsite instruction tailored for your company's specific needs.

Forklift Technician Training in Philadelphia and New Jersey

Operator Training on Forklift

Who better to provide forklift technician training than the Raymond Corporation, inventor of the first electric Narrow Aisle forklift, the model 700 SpaceMaker? Arbor Material Handling, Inc., authorrized service center for Raymond in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware, provides forklift technician training at its facility in Willow Grove, PA.

With a specialized program designed to take technicians through the basics of forklift maintenance and repair, Arbor technician
training will set the foundation for technical
competence and a systematic approach to forklift

Pedestrian Training for the WarehouseTechnicians crowded around a Forklift in a technician training course

Forklift operators need training to respect their lift truck, its capabilities and limitations. But also, there are so many pedestrians in the warehouse who need training on working in and around a busy warehouse or distribution center.  Respecting powerful machines, such as forklifts, is a key focus for all.

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