Automated Systems And Conveyors

Arbor provides solutions that are precise, accurate and fast.

To satisfy our customers’ continually evolving needs, Arbor has acquired the experience – and success – necessary to deliver the right solutions at the right time, at the right cost. And as automated systems and conveyor requirements have become more customized to satisfy the specialized needs of individual facilities, Arbor partners with Daifuku America to deliver on our customer’s expectations.

Arbor Automated Systems

Automated Systems

An Automated Storage & Retrieval System, also referred to as AS/RS or ASRS, is a combination of equipment and controls that handles, stores, and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy and speed. Systems can vary from relatively simple, manually controlled point of use storage structures to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems that are completely integrated into the manufacturing and distribution process.

An AS/RS enables companies to recapture floor space, improve efficiency and ensure inventory control.

Arbor Automated Systems

The equipment required for an AS/RS includes a Storage & Retrieval Machine, or SRM, that is used for rapid storage and retrieval of material. Common types of SRMs are mini load and unit load. An SRM moves loads on three axes: vertically and/or horizontally in the aisle and then laterally to place the load in a storage location.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems vary in sophistication from relatively simple, manually-controlled order-picking machines operating in small storage structures to fully-automated, computer-controlled systems that are integrated into complex manufacturing and distribution processes. AS/RS is effective for staging in a lean inventory environment.


Conveyor and vehicle systems are used to transport materials, packages or objects. Both types of transportation systems can be integrated with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to create material handling systems.

Conveyor systems are available in roller, belt and chain configurations to transport everything from small packages and cartons to heavy pallets or unit loads.

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