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A full suite of options that improve process and throughput.

Below is an overview of the range of solutions Arbor provides its customers. If you require alternate or additional pallet and storage rack options, please contact us directly and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Pallet Racking in New Jersey

Selective Rack

Select Rack - Single Selective Racking - Standard Rack: The “selective” pallet rack is the most common in the materials handling industry. These racks provide 100% selectivity and accommodate a wide variety of load types. It is the lowest cost per unit stored. This type of rack can be used with virtually any type of forklift equipment. Using Deep-Reach forklift trucks and Swing-Reach forklifts with this type of rack can increase storage density dramatically.

Double Deep Racking

Double deep pallet rack uses selective rack configured so one pallet is stored behind another up to two pallets deep. This requires a special forklift that is only slightly more expensive than a regular reach truck. Because one pallet is stored behind another this type of storage requires multiple pallets of the same SKU. Double deep pallet storage will increase storage density by 15-20% over selective pallet rack.

Pallet Racking in Philadelphia

Deep Lane Pallet Racking - Maxipacker Pallet Shuttle

Combining the ability to store 6-100+ pallets deep as high as you'd like creates incredible density while minimizing the need for fork lifts or other equipment to transport pallets. Unlike Drive-in rack there is less honeycombing and much greater selectivity. Maxipacker deep lane pallet racking can be used for LIFO or FIFO storage solutions. The most common applications for Maxipacker deep lane pallet tacking systems include the storing and transporting of time sensitive product of production high volume just-in-time cross docking, and consolidation of outbound loads at the shipping dock, where each lane can represent an outbound order. Originally designed for the freezer industry, Maxipacker deep lane pallet racking has found many uses in ambient temperatures as well. Video demonstration

Drive-In Racking

When you have an even greater number of pallets per SKU you may consider Drive-In or Drive-Thru racking. In this type of rack system the forklift truck drives into the rack structure to pick up or drop off the pallet load. By doing so you remove wasted aisle space and improve the use of the warehouse cube. Selectivity is limited to those pallet loads facing the aisle and it is very difficult to maintain a high degree of storage density in the racking structure. The difference between Drive-In rack and Drive-Thru rack is simple. Drive-in rack is accessed from one side. Drive in Rackingis accessed from one side.
Drive-Thru rack can be accessed from either side and the lift equipment can literally be driven thru the

Pallet Racking in Delaware

Push Back Racking

When loaded this rack will look like Selective rack. However, similar type SKU pallets are placed one behind another from 2 – 7 pallets deep. Unlike Double deep rack a special forklift is not needed. Push back rack can produce even better cube utilization with less of a honeycombing effect you may experience in Drive-in rack. This type of rack has carts that the pallet rests on. As you place the second or deeper load in the forklift truck actually pushes the previously placed pallet(s) back. As pallets are pulled form the system the carts with the pallets on them will ease forward towards the aisle. This type of system is for First In Last Out (FILO) storage and is not the best for time sensitive materials.

Cantilever pallet racks for long load storage

Cantilever Racking - Long Load Storage

This is the selective racking for long loads and is common in the materials handling industry for loads over 12' long. These racks provide 100% selectivity and accommodate a wide variety of load types. This type of racking can be used with any type of forklift equipment although space efficiency is greatly improved using a Raymond 4-D® or Raymond Sideloader forklift truck.

Pallet Flow Racking - Deep Lane Pallet Storage

Pallet flow racking is loaded from one end and unloaded from the other. It’s best applied to storing multiple pallets of the same SKU in a high velocity operation. Pallet flow rack can store many pallets deep. Pallets flow down a slope from the loading end down to the discharge end. Because each pallet flow lane is sloped the deeper the number of pallets stored the higher the loading end of the system. Often times the flow lane depth is determined by the available vertical clearance in the building. This guarantees (FIFO) storage and is well suited for date sensitive materials.

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Our highly trained sales representatives can help guide you through the various pallet racking options available. It is rare that a warehouse will only require a single type of racking, therefore, multiple types of pallet racking are available and recommended for each warehouse. Refer to our materials handling specialist for a full storage requirement review and custom designed storage layout for your warehouse or factory.

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