Used Forklifts for Sale

A series images of used forklifts available in New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia

Everything you expect from a Raymond. Including a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Used forklifts and other pre-owned lift trucks are available for immediate purchase, but if you have a little time, Arbor Material handling provides expert reconditioning options. The used forklift you might buy for your warehouse does not have to be used. A fully reconditioned or "ReNewed" lift truck can be ready in a matter of weeks.

Reconditioned to Raymond’s exacting specifications with Raymond OEM parts, every truck is supported by Arbor’s teams of certified technicians and service professionals and comes standard with:

Used Forklifts Available in Your City

Arbor Maintains a large selection of used forklift available for sale to New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia markets.

Used Forklifts in New Jersey

Many New Jersey businesses prefer Arbor's high quality used forklifts. We offer used lifts at a lower price to new forklifts and, after thorough reconditioning, can be the perfect combination of quality, durability and value for many businesses.

Used Forklifts in Delaware

Delaware businesses looking for good quality used forklifts have turned Arbor Material Handling, Inc for many years. With more and more companies in Delaware looking for quality used forklifts, Raymond used lift trucks are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Financing Used Forklifts in Philadelphia

Arbor provides great financing options for qualified businesses through Raymond Leasing. Depending on the term and level of reconditioning, 3 year, 4 year, and 5 years can be available, on approved credit. Ask your Raymond Sales Representative for leasing and financing used forklifts for your business.



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