Warehouse Lighting Systems

Table showing metal halide light fixtures versus florescent lights and their efficiencies

Partnering with Westinghouse, Arbor provides high efficiency warehouse lighting to warehouses, factories and distribution centers in the New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware areas.

Whereas many warehouses still use less efficient metal halide lighting fixtures that hum, are slow to start,lost lighting output over time and cast a yellow light over the warehouse. Arbor provides super-efficient T5 HID florescent lighting that also saves your money.

Illustration of high bay lighting specialized for very narrow aisles versus regualr lighting.

Warehouse Lights Energy Consumption

Did you know that next to forklift battery chargers, warhouse lights consume most of the energy used ina warehouse or distribution center?

With more and more distribution centers converting their inefficient battery chargers over to HF chargers for the energy savings (we can help you do that too), lighting is the next key energy item to address.

Key Benefits to Warehouse Lighting Retrofit

Warehouse Lighting Energy Savings

If your warehouse or distribution center is looking to save money and upgrade the lighting,
there may be incentives available to help you do it.

Check here for alist of incentives and rebatescurrently available in your area:

New Jersey

Check out this link to find out more about rebates for warehouse lighting retrofits in New Jersey

Rebates/Incentives in New Jersey


Arbor can help you find available tax incentives and rebates from the power utility in Philadelphia.
Call us to start your warehouse lighting project today. Also Check out the link below!

Rebates/Incentives in Philadelphia


As part of the partnership in your warehouse lighting retrofit project, Arbor is able to advise you on
available tax incentives and rebates from Delaware power utilities. Call us to start your warehouse
lighting project today.